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Animal communication with your animal

The communication does not have to take place in the presence of the animal, it also works very well over distance. I need for a contact with your animal a photo on which the eyes are to be seen. You can email me in advance up to 5 questions that I should ask the animal. I also need the name of the animal, as well as information about how long it has lived with you and who else lives with you (human and animal). Otherwise, please give me as little other information as possible.   I will then contact your animal and call you afterwards at an agreed time to discuss the answers. An animal communication includes a free conversation part, a body scan, answering your questions and a phone appointment where we clarify your questions about the conversation. An energetic treatment completes the animal communication.   If you prefer, I will send you a written protocol of the conversation by email. This way you can let it sink in and get back to me if there are still questions. The written protocol of the conversation is the summary of impressions such as sensations, inner images and intuition, which is translated into a dialogue form, just as we humans would conduct it.   Translated with (free version)

Professional ethics

● Animal communication takes place only with the permission of the animal owner. ● My work is subject to confidentiality. ● The dignity of the animal is respected, nothing is forced on the animal, not even the will of the owner. ● The welfare of the animal is paramount at all times. ● Information is translated neutrally and without judgment. ● No diagnoses are made ● The owner bears sole responsibility for the animal.


Animal communication with debriefing: 150 €

● The communication with the animal takes place in advance (duration approx. 1 hour), the telephone debriefing takes 30 minutes. ● You send your request incl. photo and up to 5 questions in advance by mail. ● You will receive answers to your questions, if necessary you can get a written interview protocol. ● Conversations are possible with still living and already deceased animals in addition you will receive a Bach flower recommendation for your animal.

Animal communication single question: 50 €

● You send me your question including a photo of the animal by email or WhatsApp. ● Well suited for short questions or requests for a name for the animal.

Animal communication on site: 230 €

● We meet personally in my practice or at your place (plus travel costs from 23566 Lübeck). ● You send me a photo and up to 5 questions in advance by mail. ● You will receive answers to your questions. In addition, you will receive a Bach flower recommendation for your animal and yourself.

Approach prices:

bis 10 km     6,00 € bis 20 km    12,00 € bis 30 km    18,00 € bis 40 km    24,00 € bis 50 km    30,00 €   over 50 km individual pricing on request.   The sales tax is not shown according to small business regulation § 19 sales tax law.

Practical example:

So that you know how I work, I will email you a sample interview protocol upon request.


by bank transfer Within 8 days by Paypal for on-site appointments cash or EC payment.