What is animal communication?

Animal communication is the conscious sending and receiving of sensory impressions and emotions – without words and gestures. We all do it all the time, but we have forgotten the concrete, conscious sending of a thought. Perhaps this is also because there is no school subject to date that promotes these skills.

The Australian Aborigines communicate almost exclusively telepathically with each other. In their language there is the word “Dadirri”, which means: a deep, conscious listening and becoming still inside. Dadirri is practiced with a waiting attitude, which is characterized by deep respect for the other person. One’s own thoughts come to rest, one listens to what comes from the other.

Animal communication is Dadirri. One connects with the animal from the heart and gets answers about what moves the animal. In this way misunderstandings can be clarified and conflicts can be solved. The relationship level is improved through telepathic communication and experiences healing. Animals can communicate what they need in telepathic communication. I translate your animal’s messages and serve as a medium or mediator for you.

Animal communication does not replace a veterinarian. Likewise, a veterinarian does not replace animal communication. Nor, of course, does animal communication replace education or behavioral training.

Please read here how to best work with an animal communicator: