Tasja Hack

I’ve talked to animals all my life. I was only allowed to remind me that they would answer me in adulthood, when my sick dog kept sending me emotions and pictures and making it so clear to me that she was feeling bad.

Over the years I attended various courses on mediumship, shamanism, and animal communication and so I learned to trust my intuition more and more. Inspirational teachers and methods accompanied me on my way, all of whom shaped and helped me advance. My work as an animal communicator is also influenced by my naturopathic training as a naturopath. In conversations with animals, I occasionally receive impulses about remedies that the animal needs. On request, I prescribe Bach flowers, if necessary also for the owner.

My Career

● Heilpraktiker examination 2008

● Bach flower therapy since 2008

● Reiki 2012

Shamanic constellation work with Andreas Krüger 2013

● Basic course in shamanism 2014

● Intuition training 2015 and 2016

● Kinesiology according to Dr. Werner Weishaupt and Dr. Heinrich Zeeden 2016

● Animal communication and contact with deceased animals since 2016.

● Quantum healing 2016

● Acupuncture oriented energy work according to Dr. Torp 2018

● Mediumship work with Gordon Smith, 2018 and 2019.

● Intuitive mediumship with Billy Cook 2021

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